Emily's Story

Success Story: EmilyNobis Enterprises is the Nobis Works program in which employees with severe disabilities perform work for the federal government. Last year, Nobis Enterprises became the sole provider for HUD’s administrative contracts in 18 locations throughout 16 states, from Alaska to Florida.

Emily, a Wisconsin native joined the HUD team in Denver as a Nobis Enterprises employee.  She processes mail, assembles packages and performs data entry.  As a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and an avid runner, Emily has accomplished much. 

But there are some things that Emily cannot do because of a nonverbal learning disability.   Because others can’t see this “invisible disability,” they may not understand the cause of problems that may occur.  But Emily and others with invisible disabilities are capable of learning, adapting and becoming successful.

Emily says, “I’m successful at meeting goals, determined to overcome obstacles.  I rise to meet my challenges, working hard and training to be mentally ready to give 100 percent at work.  I enjoy working for Nobis and HUD, it’s helped me to grow as a person.  My job has definitely given me confidence and a sense of independence.  I think I’ll stay a while!”