Why use Reworx?

  1. THE most environmentally and socially responsible electronics recycler in Georgia
  2. 60% of workforce is comprised of persons with disabilities or other barriers to employment
  3. The only Georgia-based recycler with EPA-sanctioned responsible recycling practices
  4. Responsible for creating 41 full time jobs in 2014
  5. Economic impact first year of $961,210 in taxes paid and reductions in public assistance

Benefits of Reworx Recycling

Benefits for your organization include:

  • Free processing with all your company’s electronics
  • Payment provided to companies for their valuable mix of IT and electronics
  • Secure data destruction of information on hard drives using Department of Defense 5220.22-M software (wipe drive clean) or shredding (3-stage destruction) so that all data is permanently removed and unrecoverable. NIST Purge – Secure Erase also provided.
  • Most advanced eRecycling equipment in the Southeast
  • Free Certificate of Recycling, Destruction and/or Indemnification
  • Free pickup for truckload quantities within Metro Atlanta and beyond; minimal fees for less than truckload quantities

For more information, contact 770-426-1700 or [email protected]