Ray’s Story

January 10, 2017

Ray was blinded in a chemical accident on the job at age 32. Since then, he has recovered and become a fixture at Nobis Works for the past 17 years, mentoring new clients (job trainees) and always joking with the staff. Ray has a nice home in College Park, and commutes three hours one way […]

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Sharon’s Story

January 3, 2017

Sharon Exton, a mail clerk at the US Housing & Urban Development (HUD) office in Memphis, TN, is described as a glowing, healthy person. But, before getting involved with Nobis Works, Sharon struggled with her disability and the stress of being unemployed. Sharon’s life was turned upside down in 2008 when she was hit by […]

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Vicky’s Story

December 27, 2016

As a former paratransit driver, Vicky Murray provided safe and reliable transportation to passengers with limited mobility. She never imagined that one day she, too, would find herself with a disability. Vicky worked for the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation before she was involved in a work-related accident while assisting a woman in a wheelchair. She […]

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Chris’ Story

December 20, 2016

Chris’ journey can be described as “determined with a purpose.” Chris started out weighing three and a half pounds. He is still “petite” in size, but large in personality. Chris underwent various surgeries in his early years and tube feedings until age 17, but he still managed to earn an education despite his learning disability. With […]

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John’s Story

John, the son of a sheriff’s department captain and an elementary school teacher, grew up right here in Marietta, GA. As a child, he was friendly, sometimes a troublemaker and always a comedian. Though legally deaf, John was hired as a mail clerk at the Social Security Administration (SSA), and has had a steady job — […]

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