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Nobis Works Fact Sheet

NOBIS WORKS (known as Tommy Nobis Center until Feb. 2012) is Georgia’s second largest nonprofit employer of individuals with disabilities.  Fact SheetsNobis Works’ mission is to develop and provide job training, employment and vocational support for youth and adults with all types of disabilities and barriers to employment.


Founded in 1977 by a group of parents and teachers, along with Atlanta Falcons linebacker Tommy Nobis, this community rehab program operates throughout Metro Atlanta and in 16 states. Nobis Works’ professionals have assisted more than 25,000 individuals in gaining independence, confidence – and a paycheck.

Individuals We Serve
NOBIS WORKS serves individuals with all types of disabilities, including:        

  • Developmental: 28%
  • Learning: 28%
  • Psychiatric:17%     
  • Medical/Physical: 15% 
  • Brain Injury: 9%
  • Sensory (vision & hearing): 3 %

How We Serve
Four groups work under the Nobis Works umbrella to provide job training, employment, ongoing vocational support and business solutions:  

Fact SheetsTOMMY NOBIS CENTER is our job training and employment service and the name of our headquarters facility in Marietta, Ga. Here and at work sites in the community, Rehab Services professionals provided job training and employment services in FY 2012 for 986 youth & adults with disabilities.

NOBIS ENTERPRISES offers business solutions for federal, state and local governments.  Employees with disabilities provide administrative, mailroom, janitorial & other support services.  In 2012, our team expanded administrative services to HUD offices in 16 states. We began providing mailroom services to the CDC and administrative support for the Department of Justice in five Georgia cities.  Nobis Enterprises also launched a program to provide Drug Test Kits to numerous State of Georgia agencies.

BUSINESS SOLUTIONS offers customers cost effective, high quality production and fulfillment solutions from the 39,000-square-foot Tommy Nobis Center warehouse.  The facility is equipped with six loading docks, forklifts, shrink wrappers, heat sealers and L-sealers. Our team offers kit packing, assembly, light manufacturing, warehousing/distribution and more.