Supported Employment

This service is designed to provide intensive one on one training and ongoing support for individuals with significant disabilities that will help them obtain and maintain employment in community businesses.

To help participants reach these goals, Nobis Works’ Tommy Nobis Center Rehabilitation Services team provides:

  • Job coaching
  • Job sampling
  • Assessment
  • Job readiness
  • Job development
  • Intensive job site training
  • Counseling
  • Referral information
  • Transportation training
  • Family support
  • Development of natural supports in the work place

Job coaches provide training and support to participants at several community job sites. Job sampling is typically the initial step in the employment process. This service provides assessment of skills, capabilities and interest in different jobs. On-site experience and exposure to a realistic work setting are valuable in determining the best job placement.

After the participant is hired by a community employer, the job coach and program participant begin intensive on the job training. The job coach spends time with individuals to ensure they learn the job and develop appropriate work skills and behaviors essential to stay employed.

As part of the Extended Support Services program, the job coach makes two monthly contacts including one with the supervisor. A plan is developed to outline the support needed for continued success.

Both job coaching and job sampling are available as stand-alone services.

For additional information about our Supported Employment program, job coaching or job sampling services, or to schedule an appointment, please call the Supported Employment Team at 770-427-9000 or send an email to