Vehicle Donation

Welcome to Nobis Works' Vehicle Donation Program, the painless way to dispose of your:

  • Car
  • Van
  • Truck
  • R.V.
  • Boat with a trailer

Your donation will help provide job training and employment services to youth and adults with all types of disabilities and other barriers to employment. Your donation also may provide an income tax deduction. Please check with your accountant, tax advisor or tax preparer to determine how to take advantage of your donation.

Click here for Vehicle Donation Form

Benefits of Donating

  • It's easy. It eliminates the hassle of repairing, advertising and selling your car.
  • Your donation may be tax deductible. Vehicles selling for less than $500 may be eligible for tax deductions up to $499. Vehicles selling for $500 or more will be eligible for a tax deduction equal to the amount of the sale.
  • We take care of the details. We will tow your vehicle at no cost.
  • Save money by donating a vehicle you don't use or save on the cost of shipping a vehicle during relocation.
  • Support Nobis Works and provide assistance to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

How Does This Program Work?

Simply call 1-866-NOBIS AUTO (1-866-662-4728) or visit our online donation form to give us some information about your car or other vehicle donation. We'll help you with all the details. All we ask is that you have a clear title (no liens).

The vehicle does not have to run at the time of the donation. We will tow it away free of charge. If the vehicle is in good condition…excellent! A donation of this type and condition will enhance the financial support to our programs. Your vehicle will then be either sold at a local auction or transferred to a scrap service for recycling.

How Do I Get Started?

Your support of a good cause begins when you call us at: 1-866-NOBIS AUTO (1-866-662-4728).
(*Note*) Before calling, please have the following information ready:

  1. Your clear title and lien release in hand. The title must be signed by all parties listed in the "Owner" section on the front of the Title. Please sign name exactly as it is on the front of the Title, mailing address, location of your vehicle (contact name and phone number if other than your address).
  2. Title number and Title control number, both found on the front page of your Title.
  3. Year, make, and model of your vehicle. Your vehicle does not have to run at the time of your donation, but all vehicles must be "whole" and newer than 1985, unless registered as an antique. Boats must be on trailers with tires.
  4. The general condition of the vehicle: interior, exterior, mechanical.
  5. Your vehicle identification number (VIN). This 17 digit number can be found on your insurance policy. It can also be found on your car, near the base of the windshield.
  6. Your Social Security Number is required by the IRS. Note that, if you do not plan to deduct the donation from your current tax basis, your social is not needed.

When you call, a Tommy Nobis Foundation representative will answer any questions about the Vehicle Donation Program or about Nobis Works’ services. You will also be asked about the vehicle location and condition. After receiving your information, we will arrange towing at no cost to you. You will, of course, receive a receipt for your donation from the Tommy Nobis Foundation.

For more information, contact us:

Tommy Nobis Foundation
1480 Bells Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30066-6014
770-427-9000 phone
770-421-7754 fax
Email: [email protected]

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