Vocational Education

This service assesses aptitudes, interests and educational skills.

Other assessments of clerical, computer, or mechanical skills also may be completed. Nobis Works uses the results for educational and vocational planning, to help participants make career choices.

  • The TABE (Tests Adult Basic Education) is administered at an appropriate starting level as determined by the academic referral information supplied by the school and/or Vocational Rehabilitation counselor
  • Personal Assessments - Learning Style, Personality, Work Values
  • Transition Inventories - To Work, College Survival, Job Survival
  • Mail Sorting, Physical Exertion, Color Coding and Production
  • The WRAT (Wide Range Achievement Test)
  • The RAI (Reading & Arithmetic)
  • The EAS (Employee Aptitude Survey)
  • SDS (Career Decision Making)
  • Interest - Reading Free

Following Vocational Evaluation, the team develops recommendations for career planning.

For additional details or to schedule an appointment, please call the Intake Coordinator at 770-427-9000 or e-mail Becky.Ketts@NobisWorks.org