Through their generosity, the friends, donors and alumni of Nobis Works have helped us achieve remarkable accomplishments in assisting people with barriers to employment for 40 years. Private philanthropy is critical to the organization’s growth and ability to maintain its high standards of excellence.

One way to ensure Nobis Works’ continued strength and excellence into the future is to build a strong foundation through endowment.

What is an Endowed Gift?

An endowed gift is one that is held in perpetuity. The gift is invested as a part of Nobis Works’s consolidated endowment, and only a portion of its average annual investment return is used for the purposes specified by the donor. To protect against the eroding effects of inflation, the remaining return is added to the principal, ensuring that the investment maintains its value over time. In this way, a donor who gives an endowed gift today can be confident that it will grow and continue to support Nobis Works for many years to come.

Nobis Works’s consolidated endowment consists of many different funds. Our investment strategy is led by our Board of Directors. This strategy is designed to preserve both capital and the purchasing power of the endowment. To ensure that the income an endowment earns is sufficient to achieve a donor’s intent, both now and in the future, Nobis Works’ Nobis Works has established minimum support levels for various types of endowments. The minimum amount required to establish an endowment may change from time to time to reflect our changing economy.

Endowments ensure that Nobis Works is supported for years to come, allowing us to provide career and employment training services for countless people with disabilities. No matter the method or size of your gift, know that we are incredibly grateful. If you’d like to learn more about endowments, how they work and how your donation will support Nobis Works, please give us a call or fill out our online contact form.

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